‌Sensor based data analysis service

‌We are sensor based data analysis service.
Compared to assistive tehnologies, autonomous driving requires a more complex software architecture that raw data from different sources. 

‌Assisitive tehnologies can rely on simpler object detection since the human driver is still supervising the system.
Autonomous vehicles need to developed a more reliable and comprehensive view of their.

‌environment in order to ensure correct decision making in all circumstance.



‌Sensor data analytics
   - Unlocking Value in 'Big Data'

‌With data flowing from ‌IoT sensors, the new field known as sensor data analytics, or SDA, is beginning to show its ultimate promise.
'Big data' analytics continues to gather massive amount of

‌attention and investment across the business spectrum.
With the growth and acceleration of the IoT connected device will overtake human 


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